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Hi, I'm one of the maintainers of Mentorship System application from Systers Open Source community.

Mentorship System is an application meant to help women in tech mentor each other during a certain period of time. It is still in early development (not in production). This is being developed solely by open source contributors!

Regarding tech stack the project is divided into a backend coded in python (flask) and an Android application which uses kotlin.

We have plenty of beginner friendly first timers only issues. You can also check available issues by looking up issues with Status: Available label.

Projects on GitHub:

I would love to see people trying out and learning about Open Source through this project.


I obviously cannot help out, but that's a really cool project you have started!


Thank you! But why is it obvious you cannot help? Are you interested in these technologies? And open source? If yes you can definately help if you want to :) open source is open for everyone!

I may have misunderstood you. I thought because of the goals of your group you were primarily looking for women to assist, but if that is not the case, then I will look through your open issues sometime soon!

No problem at all! The community is open for all! There's no limitation for who can contribute to the community or to the projects, feel free to contribute if you want to :)

I cannot help because of the stack but as Scott mentioned, Great project!

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