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Isabel Costa
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Images of People of Color for content creation

A couple of years ago I saw this great blog post from about stock photos with people of color in it. I found this amazing! I never thought about using my blog posts or other types of public content to spread more visual representations of people of color.

After reading this, I became aware of the existence of pictures/illustrations I could use that include people of color in online content such as blogs, presentations, promotion flyers, etc. I understood I could use them as a way to increase the representation of women of color in online content, more specifically related to the Tech industry.

Since I became aware of this when I include pictures of people in my blog posts I try to always include people of color on it.

Here are three resources that I am always aware of when looking at stock photos for my blog posts:

I mostly use photos from WOCinTech Chat, but I always have in mind all of these resources. The cover image is in fact from there! You can find that image here.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you find these useful and consider using these resources when appropriate.

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