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How to Design Your Website With WordPress

Designing is easy when you work with WordPress, it makes your website look good. But, if you are designing your WordPress website without any plan like where to start, it might be difficult for you. Thank God, simple web design options seem to exist. To create a WordPress website.

Why use simple WordPress Website Theme Design

In WordPress there no shortage of quality of premium themes that are fit for a variety of corners. From business to portfolio websites, nearly everyone can find a premium web theme designed with a particular industry in mind. Even you can also find multi-design themes that can be utilized to focus on your website. Eventually, you get a simple WordPress theme that can be a great choice for you and anyone who feels confused and requires a website design that is quick and easy to setup.

Benefits Of Having Simple WordPress Website Design

Fast Loading: Due to their minimum design, a simple website theme will have a positive influence on your website load time.

Easy Setup: Having a simple website design themes are far away from being dull or hard to personalize. To set up and customization options are normally just a click away and no coding knowledge is required.

Better SEO: Extra benefits of having a simple website theme is that they will increase your search engine rankings because of your website load time.

It Allows To Focus On Your Content: As stated before, the minimal website design will put your content front and center, which is excellent, so that you can just focus on your content.

Before You Get Started You Need

Domain Name
The first step is selecting a domain name. Depending on the purpose of your website, you have to select with your business name or the name of your website which will be more of a portfolio or a personal blog. A different option is to use keywords that are narrated to the subject and categories you plan to write about. In some cases, you have to choose a domain name that ends in .COM or .IN as this the most popular used extension.

Hosting Plan
Once you have a domain name you have to purchase a hosting plan. HostingRaja provides you the lowest plan on WordPress hosting( with amazing features that allows you to integrate with your website easily.

Premium WordPress Theme
With both the domain name and hosting plan are ready, you need to choose a suitable theme for your website. There are loads of premium simple WordPress themes to choose from, but you need to choose the themes that support from the author and attractive theme, responsive design.

At last, you need to plan and write the content for your website. you need to make the list of all the pages you want to have on your website, write a few paragraphs for each of them. you might have to add it to some pages in that list of your packages if your website is business acquaint. Don't skip the contact page, try to include it so the visitors can learn about you and way of contacting you.
Customize Your Simple Website Design
WordPress theme has begun and all the required plugins are installed, now it's time for you to customize your website design, content appearance, and you can quickly set up your pages.

Import And Add Your Content
The fastest way to set up your website is to import your demo content in your dashboard. The tool will import all the pages, blog posts, and theme settings. And all the content will be imported, choose the home page, do some posts on pages. Then click on the save or publish button.

Setting Up Menus
After setting up all the pages, you need to add a menu so the visitors can find their way around your website and check the information they need. After you have imported the demo content. Remember to keep the navigation simple and add only the important pages to make browsing your website easy.

Styling Your Simple Website Design
Here is the last step to customize your WordPress website design. In your dashboard, go to the menu there will be smart options in the sidebar. You can upload your logo and favicon there, enter a description and title for your site, customize blog settings, and more.

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