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How to Hire Senior Java Developers Using an ATS?

Java is the most widely used programming language around the world. Every application possible uses Java nowadays. You need to find a java developer who can produce quality code and make your application neat and clean and easy to use.

You can define your criteria to measure the performance of your candidates and choose the best one amongst them. To do so, you can use a recruitment tool - Applicant Tracking System that can make your work even easier.

Here is the best way to find a senior java developer for your firm using an ATS - Applicant Tracking System.

Define Your Required Skills

If you want to grab the candidates exactly according to your requirements, you need to define your required skill set. You can configure these skills into your ATS and find the exact matching skills into the candidates. You can mention these skills in your Job Description as well.

Here are some of the important skills that every java developer should have:

1) OOP Concepts
2) Core Java Concepts
3) Desktop App Development Skills
4) Knowledge of Latest Java Versions
5) J2EE

Pre-screening Questionnaire

Pre-Screening questionnaires are one of the best tricks to know more about the theoretical knowledge of a candidate before going with a practical round of an interview.

You can pre-define certain basic questions to see if your candidates can fulfill your requirements with his answers or not. You can send these questions to your candidates using an ATS and have their answers directly stored in the system.

Workflow Customization

ATS allows you to have your own workflow and customize it according to your job titles. If you are looking for a Senior Java Developer, you can customize your workflow for your requirements.

Knockout Screening Questions

Knockout Screening would be very effective while recruiting a developer. You can set some questions and pre-define their answers into the system. If your candidate does not give you the pre-defined correct answer, he will automatically get the Rejection Mail.

So these were some of the ways you can hire a senior java developer using an ATS. You can even use your customized skill set that can help you to utilize your candidate database to the core.


Here we mentioned the effective way to hire the java developer using an Applicant Tracking System that reduces your hiring time, cost and effort as well.

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