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Discussion on: What irritates you the most as a developer? 👩‍💻👨‍💻

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ItsASine (Kayla)

My last two weeks have been stuck in an Office Space loop of "Did you get the memo?" I assure you I have the cover sheet on the TPS report just fine, tyvm.

There's a process for putting code in prod. All the people involved in the process were laid off. The new people in charge of the process are redoing the process docs. I've gotten at least 5 emails about the new process docs.

I had to make our docs 3 weeks ago so we could have time to get to prod. Apparently they updated the docs 2 weeks ago. I have gotten at least 3 comments about how I'm using the old template and didn't I see the emails about how to make a new doc from a template. Like, yes, I have. But these docs are based on the 3 weeks ago template so we had time to fill them out. But did you get the memo about the new process templates.

I already had a week of PTO on the books starting tomorrow, but now I need it.