Discussion on: What are signs that you should quit your job?

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ItsASine (Kayla)

You should always be operating at the edge of your competence. When that stops, move on in some way.

  • Work getting easy? Take on a side project or see if you want work in a different part of the stack of your current project.

  • Already know the whole stack? See if a new project is spinning up or another one could use your skills better and help you grow. Everyone's replaceable; your old project will be fine.

I'm still in my first post-college job, but I've never been bored for too long since I've moved around a lot. Now that I've been on a project for 2 years, I'm using tuition assistance to go to grad school. I'd rather not hop jobs if I don't have to, so I'm trying to make this work for me.

Always trying to get better one way or another.