Discussion on: The New Golden Rule of Programmers

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ItsASine (Kayla)

There needs to be a better signal than headphones.

My cube space is near the biggest "conference" area in my workplace. It is an open space where all the All Hands meetings and tech presentations are held. It's also where groups gather for lunch if there are no lunch-n-learns active. It's also where the most terrible device known to man is held (the foosball table).

I can guarantee anyone walking near our cubes will find us in headphones 90% of the time (10% I forget until someone plays stupid foosball again). That muddies the waters of making people wonder if it's an actual coding session or if I'm trying to drown out foosball with ABBA.

I propose a Raspberry Pi with an LED panel and a switch. I got a Pi Zero W recently so I've been tempted to do it. Red if go away and use Slack, and Green if whatever. Switch it as situations arise.

Or workplaces could just get rid of the stupid foosball table.

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Rob Caron

Embrava Blynclights are good for this. Lots of color choices and you can manually control, or connect with Skype, RingCentral, etc.

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Ben Greenberg Author

Love this idea!