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I bounce around with using the Bullet Journal method, though that's mainly because I dislike the Index. I'd prefer to compartmentalize ideas rather than keep a free-flowing stream of thought and just bookmark where each theme ended up. And threading is terrible to follow; it feels like a choose your own adventure game.

So instead of having a notebook of todos and various notebooks of project things and schoolwork, I was going to for 2019 have a page-a-day planner for meetings and todos for today's work and keep post its for short-term stuff (within a week) and a notebook for long-term stuff (tech debt list o doom, projects).

First planner had December in it, but doing December made me see the paper was like tissue. Second planner was better but by January 2nd the bleed through of rollerball ink bothered me.

I can understand fountain pen inks bleeding since most at least heavily ghost on Moleskine or LT1917 paper, but this was legit bleeding through when using a rollerball on the Moleskine planner and it was dumb.

My Filofax arrives tomorrow 😂 At least the binder system should fix the Index issue for me and I might fall back into proper bullet journaling. Most of 2018 was just me writing things after I did them so I'd know what to say in stand up the next day.


I totally understand your story. A good notebook and pen are very important for a successful journalling system. Also, for most of the folks around, Bullet journal is just the starting point. After a while, we all end up creating our own version of bullet journal. Mine is called Purpose Book.😊

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