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Discussion on: Protect your contributions!

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ItsASine (Kayla)

My understanding of Github was that any email address under your profile was considered "yours" for commit claims. So if I had "", "", "" all on my verified emails in my personal profile, any commits from any of those emails would suffice. Is that not true? I'll admit my assumption stems from LinkedIn where contacts can find you by any email you have associated ever, so it's useful to link work emails even if you eventually leave the company and lose access to that email.

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José Coelho

You’re absolutely right! I have all my work emails (previous and current) associated to my github account.

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neoan Author

This is true! However, it is common for companies to "take over" your work email after you leave in case clients reach out. Of course you can set your private email as the main email, but as far as certain notifications go your former company might be in the loop. Also make sure to consider possible tokens.