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What is blogging?

Blogging is just like maintaining a diary online. Its just logging/recording things you want to just write down and read later or/and also if you like then sharing it. Its similar to writing in your own diary, you get to theme and customize your articles, attach pictures.

The word Blog came from the truncated word of weblog. Blog contains articles and pages. Post is a term used to describe each article.

Types of blogging:

  • Personal blogs – online diary or commentary written by an individual
  • Collaborative blogs or group blogs are thoe written by multiple authors
  • Microblogging – small pieces of digital content—which could be text, pictures, links, short videos, or other media
  • Corporate and organizational blogs – written by employees for the employees and/or public too
  • Aggregated blogs – a feed of other blogs on something specific
  • Reverse blogging – composed by its users or opened up for anyone to write
  • vlogs – This is nothing but video blogging, creating videos and sharing

Why blogging?

  • personal reasons – your personal blog posts penning anything of your own interest.
  • record an event or something which needs to be preserved
  • a passion and they like to write down stuff.
  • a way of making a living – these people are hired to write blogposts, articles.
  • Some just want to record their day to day stuff or anything interesting in their life.
  • Some want to make their blog itself a resume of their work.

How to get started with blogging?

There are various Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Blogger, Medium etc., which lets you create your own blog. Sign up with any one of them and get started. Easiest one is Medium, not much to customize. In case of other two you get lots of options to customize. All of them maintain your content for free but with limitations. And then each of them have their own paid plans which gives you more capacity and more features as per their plans if any.

Start with writing a small post like a gist of your day. Or anything intersting which happened today. Or any story of your’s from the past. Start writing one paragraph per day. Follow few blogs try to observe how they written their post. Learn on the go.

Tips I learnt from others:

  • Best to start off with a small one para post – first step is always tough
  • Be precise and be specific on the topic which you are writing
  • Try to be consistent – like a daily gist or a weekly post or a biweekly or monthly post
  • Try to post one per week initially – I myself found it ideal.
  • Do not over think about criticism. Improve from it.

Once you get a hang of writing consistently next is to plan your next few posts and keep them ready. Try to be plan for a month in advance. We are all humans, we find ourselves sometimes lazy enough to do a routine. With this even if you skip you have one ready. Even if you skip one in your routine just continue writing, never stop.

keep reading keep blogging keep improving

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