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Discussion on: SonarQube Pull Requests in Bitbucket Cloud

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Ivaylo Cherkezov

I have tried your setup, but it worked partially, I had to downgrade to SonarQube-7.6-community, and still not working I am getting "sonar ERROR: Error: Cannot find module 'typescript'" while it tries to analyze my Angular project

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Julian van den Berkmortel Author

Did you try running "npm install" (assuming TypeScript is in there as a dependency) before running the Sonar Scanner?

I wrote this article a while ago and I do believe it is a solution for some people but not a reliable one. It depends on an outdated version of SonarQube because of the preview mode which was deprecated.

I will add a notice to make others reading this aware of the fact that using this solution also means being stuck on a specific SonarQube version until maybe another similar solution for more recent versions comes across.