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Discussion on: Implement the "download file" feature on a Blazor WebAssembly app

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you can't write full SPA with Blazor alone and will have to mix and match things.

That's right at all, and I agree.

But, I'm not sticking to using Blazor alone for implementing SPA, at all.

Again, (it looks like a point you are not trying to understand from previous my post, and it looks like a point we still disagree) the inconvenience I have to mix in with some JavaScript to implement a practical Blazor SPA is very small for me, compared to the benefits I get from using Blazor.

Regardless of how you feel about it, using Blazor in my work has allowed me to achieve higher quality and shorter development times than I've ever had with Angular for SPA development.

It is not a truth for everyone, but at least, it is true for me.

Of course, please don't forget that I'm developing with C# not only client-side but also server-side, and not an only web application but also console app and Windows GUI app.

This is a big reason why I can get big benefit by using Blazor when I implement SPA.

It provides high-level integration by using C# from database entities, server-side business logic, to client-side SPA.
Once I had annotated to a field of a model class to it should be "required field", it makes the database field is made "NOT NULL", server-side web API endpoint will check it has any values, and client-side Blazor will check the input field is not empty.

I can also write unit tests for client-side Blazor using the same unit test framework, test runner, technic, with what I always use for server-side.

Due to these backgrounds, I agree that the benefits are small if somebody using C# for the client-side only.

Again, I am not arguing that Blazor is a bad piece of technology

Sorry, I could not understand well the finer nuances you may have wanted to convey, at that time.
I felt what you said "pointless" is too harsh words for me.

I am trying to understand why would one use it to build client-side solutions knowing that, ...

To talk about that theme, using this comment field of this article is not appropriate, I think.
I hope you find any answers to that question in some days.