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Discussion on: Staying Alert Without Caffeine

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This is an interesting topic and something I've been experimenting with for a while.

Ultimately I think a holistic approach is best, but here are some of my realisations.

A good night's sleep is magic, when you wake up, get up, don't sleep in.

Good breakfast, good lunch, good dinner, remember that it's a marathon and you're eating for tomorrow.

Stay away from junk food. Cutting back on sugar was a big thing for me. I use to put a lot more sugar in my coffee, now it's about a quarter of a teaspoon and I'm drinking less coffee.
Two days ago I didn't have coffee at all and my energy levels stayed constant. Now I'm considering going without coffee. Both my espresso machines have been going for more than 12 years and it's about time they retire :D

Cutting back on sugar caused my energy levels to stay stable throughout the day. I didn't have that energy dip at lunch time due to sugar depletion, so the idea of a power nap has actually become a disadvantage.
If get sleep inertia, it takes me a long time to feel awake.

Better option for most days is to get some exercise.
This could be in the form of some simple stretching or a walk, short jog, whatever. The idea here is to get the blood flowing because sitting at a desk is really no good for circulation.