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Who We Are
Smarttechpros, explore the world.

Smarttechpros was born in 2020 from the desire to decipher innovations, technologies, and news from updated information to transfer them to all the necessary keys in a world in constant change.

When mistrust is at the forefront, and the flow of information becomes increasingly complex, Smarttechpros is committed today and more than yesterday to decipher the great news and innovations in five categories: Science, Technology, Planet, Health, Home.

Our Mission
Promote the development of a critical mind and assist all citizens in their search for truth. Smarttechpros wants to relay the correct information with the only compass in technology.

Our Passion
Explore the world at Quark scale at the heart of AI in the privacy of the latest connected technology, from the forefront of renewables, IoT, AI, or millions of light-years away.

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