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What is Identity Proofing and Why is it Important

Identity proofing is the process of verifying that the claimed identity of a person matches their real identity. You’ve most likely gone through this process a lot of times yourself at hotels, financial institutions, and retailers.

Importance of Improved Identity Proofing

Your Personally Identifiable Information (PII), including your bank account details and security questions, fall in the possession of fraudsters who can misuse your information fraudulent transactions.

To epitomize, identity proofing is particularly valuable when a user is attempting to claim an account, access content over a certain age, or register for an e-commerce site.

Ensure Your Business Identity With LoginRadius CIAM Solutions

  1. Multifactor Authentication or MFA: Multi-factor authentication conquers the defects of typical password-based confirmation and commands it for a user to check the claim to a record through two or more methods.

  2. Password Management Solution: LoginRadius identity and access management (CIAM) solutions offer a secret phrase the board that helps make traditional password key-based identity proofing more secure in itself.

By improving privacy, the identity proofing process helps fabricate a trustable image in the consumers' psyches towards your brand.

To additionally strengthen your framework's environment, LoginRadius' tools uphold restricted access and stave off automated assaults on your framework.

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