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re: I really liked to use vagrantup.com/ when I was still doing PHP on a daily basis. There's a great vagrant setup at vccw.cc You could, actually, ha...

Is Vagrant similar to Docker? I'd started looking into docker but haven't really gotten around to playing with it.

As far as server access, everything I'm working with is running on DigitalOcean droplets so I'd assume that means I have full control over the MySQL and the firewall between the two. Is there a recommended way to make that connection happen securely?


It is similar to Docker, but Vagrant is basically a wrapper for a vm. Docker is some kinda magic I don't fully understand yet, but if you have more experience with that, I'm sure you could do the same thing with a container.

Basically, you would open up your MySQL instance to remote connections and whitelist your own IP connection.


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