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re: If you want to land a Job, then Ruby is dead. Ruby is like "The Second Best Store of the Town", it's not the better of anything.

That seems like a foolish opinion on any tool. I also disagree with your first point, pretty strongly. Ruby is still quite popular. It's also one of the higher paying technologies.

Do you have anything other than anecdotal experience to back that opinion up?

The only real argument I've heard against Ruby as a career move is that it requires you to compete with very experienced, high-quality developers for jobs.


Since I'm on the other side, higher salary means a problem.

As a programmer-mercenary, I am worked on a lot of projects. My experience with Ruby is less than pleased:

  • We try to find some good at ruby (and not some brat that learned to download gems), it was impossible, ergo the salary. Finally, the dropped ruby.
  • We found several technical difficulties with Ruby. So, we dropped ruby again.
  • Finding hosting is a plus too.

If the team knows Ruby then obviously it's the right choice but if not..

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