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re: Did you buy the license? If not how are popups. I'm also stuck on a 4GB machine

I used Sublime Text for a long time. For a while with the popups and then after purchasing a license.

They are fairly unobtrusive honestly, and it's a great editor.

I think by the time I can afford a license, I would have purchased a stronger machine 🤔 I'm still technically a student

If you are a student, JetBrains provides license for the whole suite for students.


I don't think JetBrains products are suitable for 4G RAM machines, it feels laggy even on my i5 8250U 8G RAM 512G SSD laptop.

When I need to do some web development on my 4G RAM Surface Laptop, I use Brackets which is quite feature-rich out-of-the-box for web development and has a far smaller memory footprint than VSC and Atom (not to mention those JetBrains offerings), although the responsiveness is only on par with VSC.

If I need to do some more general code editing quickly with the low-spec Surface Laptop (which is rare), I use the Caret Chrome App. Although Google officially stopped supporting the Chrome Apps on platforms other than Chrome OS, they can still be installed and used cross-platform with their direct download links in the Chrome Web Store. As I need to use Chrome to browse the web anyway, using Caret means it takes next to nil extra resource.

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