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17 - Updating TokenPair Model

Written Tutorial Ending 😥

Thanks to all of you have been following along with this tutorial series. After much consideration, I have decided to focus on the video series only.

I'm currently increasing my effort to land my first job in software development and have thankfully been getting a few interviews. I need a little more time to review topics and frameworks that I haven't used in some time as I tend to go all in with one tech stack and then forget what I've previously learned. I also should spend some more time on algorithm study as I do not have a CS background. Unfortunately, companies still haven't found a better way to choose candidates.

Furthermore, my YouTube channel has seen slow, but steady growth in minutes watched and subscribers, whereas these articles don't seem to be gaining as much traction. Also, as the app gets more complex, it's really tough to explain the details in writing.

I know some of you might find it harder to watch a video in your non-native language (and frankly, they're a little long), but I promise I'll try to speak slowly!

Thanks for those of you that have followed along!

As always, check out the Github repo with all of the code for this tutorial including a branch for each lesson and some unit tests not included in the tutorials!

Here's the video for today's tutorial where I'll be updating the TokenPair model!

¡Hasta pronto!

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