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Discussion on: I am a lawyer who became a iOS developer, Ask Me Anything!

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Karen Pinzás Morrongiello Ask Me Anything

Hey! Don't get mad with yourself! Learning by yourself, using the resources that you can find online, is something that requires a lot of perseverance and you should be proud of yourself!

I have to say that I had the same issue when I was younger and I was starting as a iOS dev. I didn't know what I can create, besides the usual projects that appear in iOS tutorials and similar. What I did is to check what are the parts of an application that I really like and try to replicate that in a small project. For examen, when Instagram had its old design, in the bottom part, they were showing a bigger button for the camera in the TabBar. So I create a small project to replicate exactly that.

I mean, It is amazing to have own ideas but I couldn't so if your objective is learning, replicating small parts of an app that you currently use is a really good practice!