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re: Though I don't have an extensive amount of experience, I'm with you on feeling like my brain is split between the two roles. While I enjoy both sid...

I think because it's more easy to demonstrate your abilities on the Frontend immediately even to somebody not so technical (like the HR people).

On the other hand when you talk about backend experience is more like you have to express in words your experience and with a portfolio of backend work you can talk what tools you have used.

Maybe staying in the middle is not that bad but i am kinda jealous of those who are specialized in one area, they have to focus only on that piece of cake.


That's very true, I hadn't thought of it like that.

I also agree that there are definitely benefits to being exclusively focused on one side in a professional sense. Though I feel like doing a bit of both allows me to offset the expected frustrations of the backend work with the more meditative frontend/design stuff.

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