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Secret Santa

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The "problem" I'm solving here:

You and your friends want to do the secret santa this christmas and you need a way to randomly pick secret santas for each in the group.

  1. User goes to the website.
  2. (Register)
  3. Fill in the info of your friends (Name & Phone number)

Once you've added all of your friends, the system will randomize who gets who as the secret santa. It will then send sms make a phone call to each person in the group telling them who is their "target".

Unfortunately there's no available phone numbers with SMS for Finland in Twilio. So I switched to phone calls instead. Also dropped the registration part here.

This way no one will know each others target. You only know what you need to know. This way also the "organiser" can participate, because they don't need to be the one that knows all the info.

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Category Submission: Exciting X-Factors


Please don't bug your friends with this. If you want to try it, you can add one real number (yours) and for the rest, add: +358012345678.


How I built it

Stack was pretty much:

  • Firebase (Hosting & Functions)
  • Twilio call API
  • React

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