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Discussion on: How To Become A Senior Developer

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James Hickey Author

πŸ˜‚ Some people seem to have issues with this statement, which is only a metaphor after-all lol.

But, it's true... if you've gained meaningful experience and have had the chance to experiment then shouldn't you have learned from those experiences?

Shouldn't you be able to approach solving problems in a less spontaneous way?

And way up the scale, shouldn't we be learning about (mental) systems that help us to manage problem-solving so we aren't just throwing random ideas at problems?

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Alex Escalante

I get your point but let me say this: you develop a framework for problem solving as you advance in your career, which can sometimes constrain you. But that's why you have to keep being open to experimentation. That's how you actually grow and improve. Otherwise you can easily fall into the "use the hammer for everything" problem…

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James Hickey Author

Def. πŸ’― But that idea itself (let's get meta...) is part of a problem-solving framework itself 😜.

I agree that a very rigid way of solving problems everywhere is def. going to constrain you 100%.

But even in times of experimentation, your experience should guide you in knowing:

  • what to experiment with
  • how to do it
  • how long to take until giving up
  • how to detect potentially successful experiments
  • etc.

So even the process of experimentation itself has some over-arching framework that you implicitly and explicitly are aware of - which, in the end, should be informed and improved by your past experience.

That's a bit more philosophical than most would like πŸ˜‚.