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Discussion on: (POSSIBILITIES) what languages are good to learn?

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james royston 🐳

Those look like either methods on the object or some naming convention specific to Swift. I have no idea if Java is exactly like that, no. But I know that Java (and lots of other languages) uses dot notation to access methods on objects, like in your example.

Again, may I ask why this specific language feature is important or concerning for you?

In all honesty, it’s a very small detail that shouldn’t have much weight in your decision to learn something. I’m not sure I can help you much further than the advice I’ve already given, unfortunately.

Just pick something and stick with it long enough to be able to build stuff without needing to always follow a tutorial (reading examples and asking questions in google is fine and normal). Good luck!

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Bret Author

Thank you! I’ve watched swift videos and it seemed like allot of object making and then directing what you want to do with it. That’s what i like (as far as I’ve seen) with swift. I’ve watched some samples of Java, and it seems to be like that, but more of the info that you don’t “see”, then there’s Kolin, that looks like that as well.