An introduction to Custom Elements

James Robb on September 26, 2018

Introduction Custom Elements, a subset of Web Components, are one of the coolest things to hit the web in my opinion. Effectively, t... [Read Full]
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It’s worth it to mention Polymer by G that provides polyfills for nearly every browser and makes custom elements easier to deal with since I believe 2013.


In a future article I will probably have an article that goes into Polymer and similar frameworks but I thought it was too much to go into libraries/frameworks for a base level introduction article and thus skipped it here.


Give a try to hybrids. It's a new library for creating web components using unique functional API, which makes building custom elements super simple :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask (I am an author of the library).

Looks interesting, I will give the repo docs a proper read tomorrow while I am travelling - Thanks for the heads up.


I'm interested in hearing about some frameworks. I wonder if I can use something like preact opposed to polymer.

As far as I know, preact and react both currently have problems with web components. Not 100% but pretty sure that's the case, would need to test again, last time I did, there was issues though. Polymer and Stencil are your best frameworks to test out, stencil is interesting to me as it is more cutting edge and still works but polymer is probably more stable and does the job a little better on the support front in my opinion.

I looked into stencil, I was hoping for something a little more lightweight.


Awesome! Can I translate this post as Korean? I will reveal the source of course!


Yes, totally ok with me, thanks for asking first, link me the article when it’s up, that’s all I ask! :)


Cool, well done! looks good according to a korean friend of mine and thanks for the shoutout too!

Well, I just updated URL for translate this post here:

Previous URL will results something like "not found" message box shown up from now.

I will research and post more about Web Components, so I separated to different category!

Anyway again, thanks for great article, definitely I'll be more search about this!!

Thanks for the update!

All good, my next web components article will be out in 5 weeks. Stay tuned!

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