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re: But, but, Launchpad and Mission Control and all the other useless fluff Apple adds with each new release 🙄 I wish Apple had a power user/developer ...

Haha. Yes, Terminal (iTerm2, which really should be on this list come to think of it) is a must. No, never use stacks or dark mode - I'd maybe use this if it actually made everything dark. Don't see the point when it doesn't make everything dark (Chrome, Slack, etc.). I do use Spaces though - 1 space for Sublime (swipe right), 1 for Trello (swipe left), 1 for Chrome and everything else (default, middle space)

iTerm2 looks nice, thanks for the tip!

Spaces seem useful, but I somehow can't get used to them. I wish they had separate desktops and dockers.

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