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Day 23 - The epiphany

Well, I've been doing a kind of "Today I learned" blog, but I've now decided to give Dev a go, and bring here all my insights at this whole coding path that I've decided to take.

Funny thing that I had to jump from day 11 to day 23, which makes for almost two weeks without thinking much about what I learned, but I guess it's because I've turned on the automatic at this point. You know, learning new stuff, trying to solve a coding problem, googling it up to find that answer to what to do next, playing videogames when I'm fed up, etc.

But then I came across this new problem -- the last exercise of the Fundamental part of The Odin Project. Nothing big, really, just you typical array of objects.

But then for some reason I froze before it. Couldn't fix it, couldn't solve it, whenever I found something that looked like a solution, the more it seemed to run through my fingers.

Weekend came and went and I'm still there, fighting myself and those little 10 lines of code.

And then, today, at work (and I obviously don't work with coding), it came to me, like a bucket full of cold water hitting me in the face: the solution.

Now, I've seen people talking about how Devs eventually have to stand up and take a walk and do other stuff that the solution eventually might come, and as far-fetch as it sounds, it seems to really work.

I guess I could call it an epiphany. Probably many of several ones yet to come.

Funny thing, the Solemnity of the Epiphany is the Catholic celebration of the Three Wise Kings that came to visit Jesus after he was born, following the Star of Bethlehem. The Brazilian folklore has a special celebration of this, with music, theatrical performances and such. My neighbor is part of the "King's troupe", and they were rehearsing yesterday.

It's a stretch, but, hey, I'll take whatever good news I can get.

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