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Discussion on: 4 reasons why you should use GraphQL over REST APIs

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Jan Hommes

I have seen these "REST vs. GraphQL" articles lately a lot and was thinking that it might not be that black and white. I believe that both concepts have their benefits and can work quite well together. Why not using a 2-tier architecture where REST is used for the internal systems (e.g. a back-office application that doesn't need that much speed) and GraphQL is used for the customer-centered apps? The caching ability of REST might be useful if you for example have a slow running legacy service. You could request parts of the GraphQL query via REST and get the cached result instead of waiting for the legacy service.

tl;tr: I believe both play well together and would love to see more articles about how to use them useful together.

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Blessing Hirwa Author

will make more about it soon.

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