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Discussion on: What programming language should I learn next?

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Jan Küster Author

These are technical arguments and I agree with them on the technical side. Still lacks UX to me and in my post I mentioned it should also make fun.

For example: How do you search for, let's say a "currency converter" package and estimate, based on the results, if the package/library could be worth to become a dependency of your project plus then install it? I mean please prove me wrong but this was not really a joyful experience for me or maybe I just did it wrong.

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Alain Van Hout

You Google "Java currency converter maven" and try the handful that come up. Something to keep in mind is that although it's not hard to publish to the Maven repository, the barrier is higher than for npm. As a result, people tend to not use the Maven repository as a Pastebin, meaning that the average quality tends to be much higher.