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Build your tutoring app like Uber to cater to a wide section of learners seamlessly

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As we are living in a digital world, people rely on mobile apps for their everyday tasks. E-learning apps have created a massive impact on the education system. Several top universities have started to offer courses on these platforms. Students applied for distance education will benefit from this move, and they can learn at their preferred time. Several entrepreneurs have turned to on-demand tutoring app development companies to step into this profitable market.

Features that you shouldn’t miss on your Uber for tutors app:

App for learners:

Social media plugins
Search for tutor/services
Estimated service cost
Book a tutor
View/Edit/Delete bookings
In-app calendar
Make payment
Push notification
Rate and review

Admin panel:

Login with credentials
Manage tutors
Manage users
Manage service categories
Manage bookings
Manage payments
Push notifications
In-app message/call

Tutor panel:

Manage their profile
Accept/reject booking requests
Manage bookings
In-app calendar
Manage students
In-app map
In-app message/call
Feedback and rate students

Advanced features that need your attention:

Make groups of the students with the same services
Group chat
Student performance records
Multi-lingual support
Multiple bookings
Video conferencing
In-app payment
Support and query resolution

Some innovative ideas to enhance the user experience on your platform:

Chatbot API:
The learners will prefer to get their queries addressed at the earliest and so integrating a chatbot API in your Uber for tutors app will be the ideal solution. It can be an effective way to leverage the frequently asked questions and provide a prompt response for the learners.

Machine learning algorithms:

It is critical to keep track of the current market trends and make changes in the app accordingly. However, it is not possible for the admin team to keep track of every micro trend as it keeps changing frequently. Machine learning algorithms can help with it as predictive analytics, and data analysis goes into it to identify customers trends instantly.

Heat mapping feature:

The Heat mapping feature can be useful to learn about the demand for particular topics in a specific location. It can also be used to identify the popularity of a topic with a specific demographic.

Loyalty programs:

Learners can refer their coworkers or friends to register on the app with a referral link. They will be rewarded appropriately for every new user, and entrepreneurs can also increase their customer base quickly.

How to monetize your tutoring app like Uber:

Set a unique price range for every course on the platform according to its value
Optimize your app accordingly so that freelancers can register on your app to tutor.
Offer weekly/monthly/quarterly subscription plans for your users.
Collaborate with multinational organizations and universities to offer joint courses.
Run advertisements for other brands on your tutoring app like Uber.

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