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The step-by-step guide for launching an app like Uber for babysitters

Step: 1

Research the market for similar applications

It is recommended not to rush with the development process if you are a newbie to the market. Initially, it would be better if you learn about the competitors before stepping into it directly. Make a list of companies that provides similar services as your business idea. Focus on optimizing your business model to bring local businesses into it and define niche products accordingly. Here is why researching the market is essential:

*This is an ideal solution for connecting with the services providers in your locality.
*You will get to understand the on-demand babysitting service sector entirely.
*You can find your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Step: 2

Starting defining your Unique Selling Proposition

Although there are hundreds of service providers in this niche, not everyone stays in the market for an extended period of time. Your market research data can help you with finding your unique capabilities. Learn the reasons behind the failure of these ventures and learn to overcome them. The success formula irrespective of the niche is to provide something extra. Go the extra mile to provide that your competitors will overlook and it doesn’t have to be the things that users expect. Sometimes the customers will be aware of what they exactly require until they experience it. Copying the existing successful business models is the worst thing that you could do for your business.

Step: 3

Zeroing on the ideal app development team

Partnering with the right on-demand babysitting app development team adds the main ingredient to the success recipe. You will need assistance from business analysts, designers, front-end developers, backend developers, quality assurance engineers, and project managers to build your app. Look for their reviews and ratings on various sites to get to know them. Go through their portfolio and client testimonials before hiring them. While your team is working on building it, you can focus on signing partnerships and marketing for your business. Work on the strategic questions and discuss with business analysts to optimize it.

Step: 4

Work on your MVP

According to business experts, it is better to launch your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) initially, instead of launching the whole application. Gather the user feedback on your app and optimize your app accordingly. Since the user feedback is based on their experience in real-world scenarios, it would be highly beneficial for your business in the long run. You can release your full-fledged application in a phased manner and kindle the target customers’ interest gradually. Here are some of the features that should be integrated into your MVP.

*Social media plugins
*In-app chat/call
*Push notifications
*Search and filters
*In-app payments

Step: 5

Integrating advanced features into your app

Here is where your app will take the lead as you are going to integrate exclusive features into your app. Customers will prefer an app that provides more value to their money and will stick to it if they find it beneficial. Here are some of the advanced features that every modern user will expect on an Uber for babysitters app.

*In-app calendar
*Being able to upload an introductory video
*Live video streaming feature
*Profile for kids
*Verification of references and other certifications
*Additional services apart from babysitting
*Multiple lingual support
*Work time tracker
*Flexible working hours

In this modern world, people rely on mobile applications for almost everything. Now that you have learned the theoretical part of developing an app, it's time to move things forward. If you fall ahead of the completion phase with a lack of budget, we suggest you go with a single mobile platform. Since the market is dominated by Android users, go with that platform initially. You can deploy your iOS app later on after establishing your brand in your niche market.


Despite the number of service providers being high in this niche, the market is not overheated. There is space for budding entrepreneurs to grab their slice of the market. Innovative ideas will always attract the users, and you can set on a successful venture in this profitable market by deploying your robust application.

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