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Grinding when no one else is - AquaHub #5

Also in the last week I did some work on AquaHub. I know this post is two days late but that doesn't prevent me from sharing the newest progress.

 🖥️ The UI progress

Since I have PocketBase as my Backend-as-a-Service I can focus completely on the frontend.
I decided to build it with SvelteKit because it's a easy and simple framework. I also like to try new things and this seems perfect to dive deeper into it.

AquaHub Landing page preview

The landing page is currently under development and is getting better and better each day.
It's very hard to say but I start with a whitemode at the beginning.
Later there will hopefully be a darkmode!

🪝 GitHub webhook

A little but cool improvement.
On the AquaHub Discord I setup a GitHub Webhook to the official AquaHub repository. Everyone in the Discord gets updated on changes, released and updates.

GitHub Webhook preview

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