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Use ";" or not in Javascript

Almost all programming languages have a concept of semicolon, but in javascript, it is in different manner.

We think that ";" is optional in JS, but it is not like that.

If we don't put ";" at the end of the statement, the ASI concept of JS will automatically insert ";" but not places in source code.

In JS at certain places, it is mandatory to put semicolons manually otherwise the program will go wrong.

Semicolons and "Automatic Semicolon Insertion" are two of the most misunderstood topics in JavaScript.

For more deeply knowledge go to below link

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Mirko Vukušić • Edited

Hate them, happy to be able to remove them, living without them with no issues whatsoever... Not nearly an issue as big as Medium articles behind login and\or paywall. That's the reason Im here.

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regex for lazy devs

Sorry for the callout 😆