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Perfect guide React js learning path for 2021

Hello guys , in this post we are going to discuss about a very useful topic what is the perfect React js learning path in 2020. If you are a beginner are just going to start journey with a trending JavaScript Library called as React js, then it is the right place.

Topics going to cover
Let’s see what are the topics that we are going to cover in this post. First we will see what is React js. Then we will see what is the perfect roadmap to learn React efficiently.

What is React js
React js is a JavaScript library introduce by the facebook . ReactJS ia an open source JavaScript library used to develop User Interfaces. React JS is concerned with the component that utilizes the JavaScript with a HTML like syntax called JSX. It is a component based JavaScript library.

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React js learning path
We are divided the roadmap or learning path in three sub-path. In first part we discuss the topics from where we will start our journey with React.js. Then we will see the Advance topics and last , we will discuss some eco systems of React js.

To master the fundamentals , we should learn following topics –

*How to create a React app or How to initialize a React Project.
*What is a Component.
*Types of component such as – Functional Component and Class based component.
*Props and State
*Conditional rendering
*List and key
*Lifecycle Methods
*Building some simple Forms

After complete above fundamentals topics, we should start learning these topics-
*Context API
*Higher Ordered Component
*Rendering Props
*Error boundaries
*Making HTTP Request
*Some Hooks such as – useEffect , UseState , useRef , useMemo ,
Custom Hooks

After complete above Advance topics, we should start learning these topics-
*State management – Redux or Mobx
*Styling – Styled component / Material UI /Tailwind CSS or *Reactstrap
*Routing – React Router
*Form – Formik
*Testing – JEST or React testing Library

Next Step
After completing above topics properly you can start learning these technologies-
*React Native

So finally we have seen a complete learning path for React js. I hope now will master the React js.

Thank you.

Keep Coding , Keep Learning.

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