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[5/40 things about data] When in doubt, use Postgres as your database.

It’s quite typical when you start a project to decide what DBMS to use. Elastic, Mongo, some key/value store like Redis, funny things like Neo4J. If you have a use case that clearly fits with a database, fine, otherwise, use Postgres or anything relational. Of course, there will be someone that says “but it does not scale”. Anyone who has worked with a system at scale knows there is no storage system that scales well (except if it’s as simple as hell and is eventually consistent, but not even then).

I love Postgres because of many things: solid, battle-tested, supports transactions (I will write about them), feature-complete, fast, it’s not owned by a VC backed company, guided by the community, calm and steady progress, great tooling, cloud services providing infra, companies with expertise…

When you pick something funny, you end up developing half of the features a solid RDBMS system provides but just worse.

I decided to use Redis as the storage for Tinybird and it’s working great but as the project evolves you miss many of the built-in features Postgres provides. Probably a mistake.

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