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CommVault Interview Questions

Top 30 Commvault Interview Questions
Q1. What is Commvault?

Ans. Commvault is a data management platform that assists organizations with data backup and recovery, cloud, virtualization, disaster recovery, security, and compliance.

Commvault software consists of modules to backup, restore, archive, replicate, and search data.

Q2. What is Commvault Simpana?

Ans. Simpana is one of the features of Commvault’s enterprise backup software platform that is specially designed for backup, archive, and reporting data. Simpana is the new version of the Deduplication process introduced by Commvault.

Q3. What are the key features of Commvault?

Ans. The key features of Commvault are listed below:

Provides complete data protection and supports all the major applications, operating systems, databases, and mobile devices.
Efficient storage management using deduplication for disk and tape.
Simplified management through a single console
Advanced security and encryption
We can use third-party screen readers with a command-line interface, web console, and admin console.
Snapshot Management
Edge Endpoint Solutions
CommCell Management
Media Management
Data Management

Q4. What are the various ways of doing High availability?

Ans. The various ways of doing High availability are listed below:

Log shipping
SQL mirroring
Clustering SQL level

Q5. Explain storage policy?

Ans. A storage policy is a data management entity with a set of rules that describe the lifecycle management of protected data in the Subclient’s content. It manages the Subclient’s data even when it stays on other servers in Commcell.

The set of rules includes how to manage data, protect data, where it will reside, and other management options such as compression, encryption, and deduplication of data in protected storage.

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