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Manual Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Top Manual Testing Interview Questions

Q1. Why will you use automation testing?

Ans: Efficiency of testing greatly improves with automation testing, efforts and costs are greatly reduced and accurate results are provided.

Q2. How will you define automated testing?

Ans: Automated testing is the use of software to control the execution of tests, the comparison of actual outcomes to predicted outcomes and the setting up of test preconditions.

Q3. List down the limitations of automated testing.

Planning and preparing all test cases for the software under test is difficult.
It is mainly effective in testing GUI based applications. Automated testing is not effective for non GUI applications.
To be very honest it is mostly dependent on GUI layout so when the interface changes the automated test script must also be modified.

Q4. Give scenarios where you will prefer automated testing.

When it improves the speed, coverage, and risk mitigation of the project.
When automated testing implementation is simple.
If changes are unlikely and requirements are stable.

Q5. Which components are the best candidates for automated testing?

Components are Mission-critical.
Components are Self-contained.
Simple scripting components.

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