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SPSS Tutorial

The art of fetching useful insights from the data is now just not limited to the professional’s hand but modern tools like IBM SPSS are also capable of serving the best from a massive data set. Big organizations are using such tools to get valuable information from the data generated from multiple sources. Let’s see what is SPSS and how it is getting used in today’s work culture.

What is SPSS?

SPSS is a versatile program which was developed for managing statistical procedures. SPSS is the Statistical Package for Social Science and is used for the analysis of complex statistical data by researchers and organizations. This software package was launched in 1968 by SPSS Inc. But later in 2009, it was acquired by IBM. It was designed especially for management and analysis of social science data.

Officially SPSS was given the name - IBM SPSS Statistics. But the people mostly call it as SPSS. Whenever there is a task of social data analysis then first preference is always SPSS because of its user-friendly English-like command language. Its user manual is very simple to understand as it is straightforward and easy to get.

The application areas of SPSS are health research centers, marketing companies, government projects, education, data mining, etc. It is also used in survey organizations, data mining and many other statistical analysis operations.

Most of the research companies use SPSS for the analysis of survey data so that they can get their desired output and can fetch useful insights from the data.

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