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Discussion on: Do You Remember Your First Coding Experience?

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Jonathan Kuhl

Yep, I had a terrible Calvin and Hobbes Geocities page back in the day. Complete with 1990s marquees and "under construction" gifs.

I also made my first non WYSIWYG webpage in HTML4 to host the games I was trying to make in 3d Gamestudio. I don't remember what I used to host that page though or if it still exists anywhere.

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Andrew (he/him) Author

Ah, the good old "under construction". Another thing from the early web that I forgot about.

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And there were whole sites w/ great GIFs where you could get cooler "under construction" symbols & dividers than your friends had!

Or where your friends had gotten cool ones and wouldn't tell you about their source.

And wouldn't talk to you at lunch the next day if you just downloaded from their page and used the cool icon/divider on your page without their blessing.