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Discussion on: My Answers to Questions from New Coders

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Jonathan Kuhl

How much experience do I need before learning Git and GitHub?

You had a great answer for that question.

New developers should put their first projects on Github. No reason not to. There are five commands you need to know to manage your own git hub. Five. Init, status, add, commit, push. You do the last 4 in that order about 99% of the time, and github gives you the special commands you need to set up with them as the remote.

The rest of git? Not necessary with small projects unless you're in a team. Maybe branching. Most of Git's complexity only arises in large team projects.

Though it wouldn't be a bad idea for new programmers to at least familiarize themselves with the concept of the feature branch git work flow and other patterns, because it'll be something akin to what they'll do in a real job.