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John Colagioia (he/him)

I tried Hugo out and...I forget the details, but I suspect (based on my notes from that period) it was too much effort to get the layout to resemble my main website. I also occasionally have trouble getting Go projects to work, for reasons I never bothered to diagnose.

The next attempt was Gatsby and, while I liked working with it a lot, I had a series of situations where some minor change (adding a small plugin or adding metadata) would break the blog with no way I could figure to recover, including reverting changes, and so ended up starting over every time to try to migrate my changes in. I've since been told that the cache just needs to be purged in those situations, but that advice came months too late and I don't remember if I tried that.

I ended up on Jekyll and, after two hundred posts over the course of (mostly) 2020, it hasn't given me any reason to question that decision. It's a boring choice that I could have made a decade ago, but it was the least work to put together of the systems I tried and seems difficult to break.

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Dan Tsekhanskiy

+1 for Jekyll. If you're interested in getting started with Jekyll, check out my post on dev.