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Discussion on: What is Hacking?

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Jakub T. Jankiewicz

I've wrote in first sentence:

A person who is able to discover a weakness in a system and manages to
exploit it is called a hacker and this process is known as Hacking.

Hacking is more then exploiting the system and finding weakness. Also I would call your description as the person that work in security (can be a hobby don't need to be paid work).

If you look at Wikipedia it say "security hacker" which probably what you mean. For instance I can hacking Lego and be called Lego hacker. Your description imply that hacker is only for computer systems you don't say that explicitly but you assume what other people will understand.
I know that Lego is the system and you can find the weakness of that system and do what the created never intent to do, but reading your whole article I don't have impression that you mean all the systems and not only computer systems.

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Akhil Naidu Author

Yup, now I got the point of whole conversation with you and the others 😅

Anyways, I missed that detail and subconsciously I think I thought it was obvious 🤔

I would like to point out such differences and make my article related to security hacker. Does that seems ok?

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Jakub T. Jankiewicz

That would be great. Hacking and Hackers are so much wider terms and writing like Hacking is only about security don't give any favor to Hackers that don't do computer security.

There are great movies about Hackers that I recommend:

First is old, it feature Steve Woznak and Richard Stallman and second one is about hackers at Def Con conference.