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re: Woho !! Things escalated real quick down there. Anyway, I agree with you completely Niels. But consider this a quick fix. Also few laptops were old...

My laptop from 7 (8?) years ago had 16GB of RAM. I'm not looking for a cookie or anything, but RAM should always be a priority for devs.

(Granted I was also doing 3D, but I think RAM should be a priority regardless. CPU and disk space are second class citizens.)

Well, sometimes for some reason people are stuck with their crappy laptops. Upgrading RAM alone won't help as the processor is crap, and buying a new laptop, while extremely recommended, may not be in someone's reach.

That said, I'm inclined to agree that most people can afford it but are careless; for example, they'll go to the movies and shop regularly, but won't upgrade laptops.

It's likely that buying another 4GB is cheaper than buying Sublime Text. I picked up a 2GB stick from my local CEX store the other day for £1. I do realise that's different depending where you live.

Yup, generally RAM is pretty cheap (and has more use cases than Sublime Text has :P). I'm using a laptop I bought 5 years ago (i5, 8 GB, 2 GB graphics) that I gradually upgraded to 8 GB RAM and, very importantly, SSD. People don't realize that often disk read/writes are the bottlenecks and no amount of RAM/processing can help beyond a point. When you switch to SSD, there's an instant jump in performance that's hard to believe (feels like 2-3 times faster).

@moopet You can use Sublime Text for free.

Honestly, I'm not sure if the company making their own devs working on a laptop with 4gb RAM pay for several Sublime Text 3 licenses...

For free for non commercial use (since it clearly says you can use it for free for evaluation).

That's twisting the words of the license. If you're continuing to use it for personal use, you're not evaluating it. You're breaking the license agreement.

Yes, my daily-driver laptop is from 2010 or 2011, and I've added an SSD and boosted it to 8GB (which is more than enough for my personal development needs).

You can, but then you can also break into someone's house and steal their RAM chips, if you really want to.

Whoa, I've just mentioned it. You can use it for a free evaluation, but once you start using it for work then it becomes an ethic issue. I've used a free version while I was learning javascript before VSCode was even on the horizon, had no 80$ bucks to spare for something like this then.

But today, when I'm actually making money from my work, I'm using Webstorm and paying for its license. There is no excuse, especially for us developers, to use pirated software when most of us can afford it and support fellow developers.

Quite. I'm big on sticking to license agreements these days (though I may have been less enthusiastic when I was a kid) because if you think it's fair to use winrar forever or to say you've found a "loophole" or something, then you can't expect anyone to treat your own licenses with respect.

True, true ... Basic human nature: I should everything for free, but others must pay (high) for everything I provide. :-)

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