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Discussion on: Build Electron application for MacOS (without MacOS?)

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JeB • Edited

I don't have neither Mac nor Linux computer and this project has been built completely on Windows.

It is open source and runs on Travis CI (which I understand is not an option for you) but the key to success is proper coverage with e2e tests (Spectron in case of Electron).

As long as you have your functionality covered with tests you don't have to look for remote desktop solution as the whole build is automated (including the tests).

I would still go with Travis CI or Circle CI (which has a paid plan for OS X builds, only 39$/month), but if you want to save money and don't mind leaking the binaries you can do the following:

  • Build you application locally with electron-packager
  • Upload the binaries to an open source project which is set up for Spectron and contains all your e2e tests
  • Use this poject with Travis CI to run the tests on compiled binaries

If you'd like to keep your binaries in private (and not just the source code) you can go for any cloud solution (like MacinCloud) but again, the most important thing here is the e2e tests - if you have those you don't have to look for remote desktop solution.