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Discussion on: How C# 8 Helps Software Quality

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Jefferson Motta

Microsoft has a history of killing old technologies like these recent technologies were killed in
.NET Core 3.0:

• ASP.NET Web Forms
• WCF Server
• Windows Workflow
• AppDomains
• Code Access Security
All community developed many codes with .NET Framework 4.x that is good and don't need to be upgraded to .NET Core x.x and why we need stop in time using .NET Framework if c# is opensource? The Visual Studio team must have some work to make c# 8.0 compatible.
We don't want to throw our code in the trash of time. We will design in .NET Core 3.x, 5, but our current code must not be forgotten.
Based on this I created today a Facebook page to POST protests against Microsoft and call the community to demand c# 8.0 works with .NET Framework 4.x.

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