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I don't waste time on Twitter, etc. but this is actually the first time I've heard that using "male" and "female" to describe physical connectors could be objectionable. There's an art compound in Shanghai that has bathroom signage with the characters 凸 and 凹; literally, convex and concave- you generally understand which door applies to you. At the time I just thought it was funny/clever, but it would more than suffice for these kinds of things. In the context of peripherals I've always found it vague because either side has some component that inserts into the other depending on whether you're considering positive or negative space.

Personally, I look forward to a future without racial/sexual/religious hang-ups, shame, and stereotypes where there's unisex bathrooms. Because I don't really care- so long as I continue to not have to stand in line. ;)

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