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Discussion on: Code navigation in Visual Studio Code

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jeikabu • Edited on

I move back and forth between Windows (at work) and Mac (at home) a lot. The thing that always melts my mind is VS Code shortcuts that are almost the same (e.g. ctrl + b vs cmd + b), and short-cuts that are completely different (e.g. ctrl + k, s vs opt + cmd + s). T_T

Also, ctrl + shift + p to open the command palette is a good one.

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Parker Holladay

That is the sole reason I didn't recently replace my old work laptop with a Mac. I couldn't get over how nonsensical the apparently random switches between cmd and ctrl were.

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Sergiu Mureşan Author

I wonder why they chose to do this... On Windows, some of them are very similar to Visual Studio's shortcuts.

Opening the command palette is one of the shortcuts I always forget due to using CTRL + P and just prefixing my search with >.