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Discussion on: I think I'm falling out of love with front end web dev

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Hey Richard! I used to work for Labs, hope they're treating you well!

In terms of career, you can start thinking about a full stack, it will be less of a dramatic jump in cash than going to a junior role. Especially if the new role has the backend written in js (or ts), you should be more than fine. OOP and the related principles are the same for most languages, improving your back end & OOP skillset would help you land roles you're more interested in, and vary your day-to-day so you're not fatigued with FE dev.

I started as a FE web developer, with some light PHP knowledge. I was introduced to OOP whilst at Labs doing an iOS internship. After that, I've been a FS engineer ever since (although, I miss Swift!)

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Richard Oliver Bray Author

Hey Jen, thanks for your reply. It's good to hear from an ex Labs employee although the business has changed a lot since your time at it.
Yes, you're right about transitioning to full-stack and it being less of a jump, it's something I'll look into if those sorts of opportunities come my way. iOS seems like a big jump from PHP, I'd be interested to know what got you interested in that?

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Jen • Edited

Apart from wanting to dabble in some iOS dev, I couldn’t tell you! It was initially just 2 weeks of work experience, so I wanted to learn something new. I found a love for swift, (and I suppose a knack for it!) so labs kindly offered me a year’s paid internship working on proof of concepts and a little on the choice app, and got to learn some OOP fundamentals along the way with my mentor.

Between my php, swift and front end experience, I had enough to join as a junior full stack engineer, even though I didn’t have a huge amount of backend knowledge.

Happy to chat further if you’ve got any more Qs! 🤓

p.s. you mention some stuff about memory, compilers etc. Generally I distinguish software developers and engineers by how much one cares about that sort of stuff. Looks like you're thinking more like an engineer now! I got my introduction to memory management with swift (even though it does a pretty good job)