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re: Is it that hard to get a job in Europe? VIEW POST


I can't speak for Sweden unfortunately!

The culture is changing (at least in the uk) for tech jobs. Employers care less about masters and bachelors degrees and more about experience. Of course, degrees might give you an edge or look more favourably upon but it all depends on the employer. Although if a high percentage of the population have degrees, then employers will look more at experience.

I assume you are not an EU citizen and require a visa to work? Sometimes that's a hurdle, usually for smaller companies depending on the countries sponsorship process.

Good luck with your studies and finding a job!


Well, I'm in a student visa and here in Sweden, there's no limitation of working hours for students.

So I was wondering what I'm lacking that other developers here do not lack!


Are you applying for part time or full time jobs? I wonder if they’re wary of hiring someone with other commitments?

It’s always worth trying emailing back and asking what they think you’re missing.

Have you got a portfolio too? That can go a long way!

  1. Considering your background and name, people may doubt your language-skills. Sad as it may be, employers often do judge a book by its cover.
  2. If you only have a student visa, maybe they fear you might have to leave the country for whatever reason?
  3. Employers might be more interested in full-time employees. A masters degree usually doesn't leave you with enough time for that, so I assume you'd be looking to work only part-time?
  4. It may also be that your resume, either in content or presentation, doesn't attract the attention of your potential employers. Learn stuff and build things, then employers will read your resume and see someone that will require little training and be productive very quickly.

All of those are just guesses, of course. My best advice is to seek some more personal advice locally; maybe show your resume to someone who has already gotten an IT job successfully.

EDIT: 1. and 2. should only apply to smaller employers; large companies will be more informed about that stuff.

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