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re: I've spent months trying to pull off what you're doing. I feel like my Evernote usage is much simpler than yours, although I've been using it just ...

Yes! This is exactly the feedback I was looking for and even reminded me of some of my other uses of Evernote that I would miss. Thank you for this list!

The lack of text recognition in images is going to bite me (whenever I start really playing with search). That is an amazing feature of Evernote.

I wondered about the "tables as databases" thing and was frustrated with it right off the bat. I don't need a page for every row for simple use cases!

I'm super curious what you were AppleScripting in Evernote! Any examples to share?


Over the years I've used AppleScript for all kinds of different things in Evernote. Some of the most important ones have been replaced by software lately.

My big ones are:

  • Automating a regular export-to-HTML of all my Evernotes for backup purposes
  • Using a script in conjunction with Pandoc & TextUtil to let me write in Markdown and convert to RTF. The script would copy all the note text, convert it, and paste it back formatted. Now I just use Evertool bound to Keyboard Maestro keys to make it so much easier.
  • When I was using EN as a todo application, I used scripts to manage my different task notes, like copying unfinished things from my "due today" note, moving them and anything due tomorrow into a new, "due today" note. Those were super fun, but got ridiculously complicated. I finally switched to Things 3.
  • Automatic naming, taging, and moving notes from the inbox based on the content of the note. I'm planning on switching to Hazel for this, because its easy to set up rules based on the content of PDF files, among other things. Probably still need the AppleScript to actually move and file the document though.

Anyway, I'd be happy to share if there's something you'd like to accomplish and I've already done it. I did a lot of experimenting. :)

Edit: If you're on a Mac, you might also like DevonThink. It's at least as scriptable as Evernote, maybe more so. It is much, much worse at basic note taking - it doesn't have anything like Evernote's custom note that can contain everything - but it will accept almost any file, has great search, multiple databases, file indexing...super powerful. Mobile app is kind of a mess, but an update is coming now that 3.0 has been released on the desktop.

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